The Digital Boarding Pass

Is it Right for You?

After many trips with and without my wife I have finally decided to fully embrace the digital boarding pass.  And now I’m trying to figure out what took me so long to get on board with it.

I don’t consider myself a person that is afraid of technology, quite the opposite actually.  (Our neighbors actually refer to my family as the Jetsons at times.)  But I grew up using a paper boarding pass.  There was always something mildly comforting about having that rectangular piece of paper in my hand.  Guess I always figured I wouldn’t have any issues getting through security or onto the plane as long as I had my little piece of paper.

But what if I started using my phone and the digital version of the boarding pass?  Would I still feel as secure about security and being able to board the plane?  What if the battery died on my phone or if I somehow lost my phone?  For those reasons and probably many more, I had a hard time getting to the point of trying out the digital boarding pass.

Boarding Pass Design Inspiration — Muzli -Design Inspiration — Medium

The day arrived when I was ready to give it a shot and have the boarding pass loaded on my phone.  I have seen many people do it and it always looked easy but, I was still nervous.  There’s nothing quite like being a newbie at something.  I am in agreement that this does not fall into a life changing moment that might bring up a lot of nervous moments but, for me it was a change I wasn’t sure I was ready to fully embrace.  On THE day, I still printed out a copy and had it with me just in case.  I mean, who wants to not be able to board their flight for vacation because they don’t have their boarding pass?  Certainly not me!

Despite my lack of wanting to change my boarding pass option, I probably should have explored the option much sooner.  There were times when I would misplace my boarding pass, more than once.  At Chicago’s O’Hare airport I even lost it in the x-ray machine in the TSA checkpoint line.  Needless to say, when traveling my wife would take mine from me and treat me like a little kid.  I’m glad she did at times because it probably saved us/me some frustrating moments.

Well, it was time for me to grow up and give this thing a shot.  Digital Boarding Pass, here we come!  As we entered the security checkpoint line, I got a tiny bit nervous about my boarding pass and quickly took several screen shots of it just in case the site was down or couldn’t access it or whatever other catastrophe I could think of might happen.

My turn to step up to the podium.  I placed my phone on the screen and the green light lit up giving me the ok status.  The guard verified my ID and I was through.  I made it!  Success!  Eureka!

Boarding Pass Flight App Concept

And with one 30 second interaction of the Digital Boarding Pass and its glory, I was hooked.   The days of the rectangular piece of paper wrinkled up in my back pocket or stuffed in my bag in a compartment I forgot about were no ancient history.  And no more being treated like a kid, I was all grown up now!

All my worried were for naught.  I mean, I don’t lose my phone.  In the years that I have had a cell phone, I have yet to lose one.  I would probably lose my wallet before I lost my phone.  My phone going dead at the crucial moment?  Not a chance of that happening.  I, like most people am always placing my phone on a charger: at home before leaving for the airport, in the car ride on the way, sometimes even charging it while in the airport.  Needless to say my phone’s battery dying was an excuse I made for myself.

In today’s world as with so many blogs “Travel Tips”, the DIGITAL BOARDING PASS is definitely one of travels Must Haves!  Save yourself some time with printing out a boarding pass, lose the hassle of having to keep up with yet one more thing on your trip.  After all, most of use a smartphone, let it do its thing and help you travel SMARTer!

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