Indian Rocks Beach

Located in area referred to as the Narrows due to it being the narrowest part of the island, you will find the quaint town of Indian Rocks Beach.  While not the biggest town in Florida and definitely lacking in many things from chain restaurants to car dealerships and everything in between it still has just about everything needed for a great vacation on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

While you may not have heard of this little gem, once you have spent some time here chances are you will be making a return visit in the near future.  And here’s why….

This part of the island leads a slower pace life than most other parts.  It’s not full of wild and crazy people partying till hours of the night, its void of nearly all of the late neon signage you might find in other spots and its a snow birds vacation destination.  What you will find in IRB are beaches that aren’t crowded, leaving plenty of room to stretch out wherever you might like.

Indian Rocks Beach is home to one traditional hotel, Holiday Inn Harbourside, and numerous other small family type spots to rent. In the past, we have used Harbourside due to the amenities and location.  Live music can be heard virtually everyday, it sits on the inner coastal canal so if you have a water view this is what it is (I recommend it due to the sightings of dolphin, manatee, birds and obviously the numerous boats passing by), onsite restaurant and bar, mini golf in the middle of the hotel and many other things.

Now that our needs have changed and evolved, we use a vacation rental company, Carter Vacation Rentals that fits our needs a little better.  We simply stay longer and if nothing else, the cost alone makes this a better choice for us.  Although, each and every trip, we always stop by Harbourside for nostalgia and we like seeing dolphins and manatee while sipping on a cold beverage.

What you will find in Indian Rocks Beach is a slower pace, more like island time.  Yes, there are still cars passing by, Gulf Boulevard which runs through the middle of IRB goes from Clearwater Beach to Passe-a-Grille which is quite a ways and is the main throughfare on the Narrows, there are a few shops and several places to eat, yet it never quite loses its small hidden slower paced time.

One of my favorite things about Indian Rocks Beach, no matter where you stay, you are no more than a couple hundred yards from some of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever see.

So what are you waiting for, book your trip to Indian Rocks Beach and set your watch to island time, you’ll be glad you did.

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