Everyday Travel Essentials

5 Items Every Traveler Must Have

Have you ever been told to work smarter not harder?  Well something similar should be applied to traveling, “TRAVEL smarter rather than harder”.  Believe it or not you can travel smarter than you think.  We have compiled a list of items that should be a part of your next trip no matter where you go.

First things first and this is an item that I simply can not live without!  THE DIGITAL LUGGAGE SCALE.  This is such a handy device that takes up virtually no space and yet could possibly help you save some big bucks on your next vacation.

I’m sure you are aware that all airlines have a weight limit for checked bags which varies from airline to airline and is generally between 40-50 pounds per bag.  Should you go over the weight limit, no matter the airline you are most likely on the hook for coughing up some extra money in the range of $30-$100 more, per bag.  THE DIGITAL LUGGAGE SCALE will not only help you pack smarter but acts as a small piece of insurance knowing that you won’t be incurring any surprise fees when arriving at the airport.

Digital Luggage Scale

Our second item is something my wife discovered and simply can’t go on any trip without.  PACKING CUBES are her go to item when getting ready for our next trip.  When we start packing for our next trip, after getting out our luggage, the next thing grabbed are the PACKING CUBES.   There are many brands multiplied by the color of the rainbow and their is a combo out there just for you.  Luckily my wife chose a neutral color for us, as I might have a hard time explaining why I have a bunch of pink containers in my luggage should it get checked.

The great thing about PACKING CUBES is that everything stays organized.  No more digging around in your suitcase to try and find your shorts or socks because they are packed in their own separate cubes with no need to unfold and unpack everything else.  Lastly, PACKING CUBES are also a great way to separate your clean clothes from dirty ones for the trip back home.  Trust me, you’ll wonder how you ever packed without them once you try them.

No matter where you travel to whether it be the beach, a camping trip or a hike in the woods, you won’t wanna pack without this item.  It’s the OUTDOOR COMPACT BLANKET.  

Generally when I think of a blanket the first thing to come to mind is the big cumbersome dirt/sand/leaf magnet that I certainly don’t want to lug around with me on a trip.  Well, the OUTDOOR COMPACT BLANKET will definitely make you think differently.   This is a blanket that folds up into a small pouch slightly bigger than the palm of your hand and weighs about half a pound.  Most of these blankets fit 2 people comfortably but can usually accommodate up to 4 people.  The waterproof design means you can place the OUTDOOR COMPACT BLANKET on damp ground and don’t have to worry about getting yourself wet.

I live in a climate that has a true four seasons and at times when I travel my destination is experiencing a different season than what I am at home.  This makes the next item a definite must for any traveler for virtually any time of year.  The PACKABLE COAT has kept me warm and dry while being so easy to bring with (without actually wearing it).

We all know we need to bring multiple outfits with us on our vacation and we need all the room we can spare in our suitcase for the essentials.  The last thing we want to do is take up space with items that aren’t a necessity and I certainly don’t want to have to lug around bulky jackets and sweatshirts when all I’m going to do is take it off and ball it up when I get on the plane.  The PACKABLE COAT remedies this for you by being lightweight and packing into a small pouch that you can attach to your carry on bag or a belt loop if needed.

The first time I saw a PACKABLE COAT I didn’t even realize I was looking at one.  It wasn’t until I saw it removed and folded into its pouch that was attached to a belt loop.  I was at a concert when I first saw one and thought “Wow, what a great idea!”  You’ll think so too when you get yours.

And the final item on our list is the DISPOSABLE TRAVEL TOOTHBRUSH.  There are many different varieties of these but the one that stands out above the rest for us is one by Colgate called the Wisp.

I’m sure you have heard of or maybe even have some experience with a travel toothbrush but, this one is much different.  The DISPOSABLE TRAVEL TOOTHBRUSH by Colgate is a one time use item great for on the go no matter where you are.  Why?  The toothpaste is already loaded onto the toothbrush.  Did I mention that one end is pointed so you may use it similar to a toothpick.  And you don’t even need water to use it.

I don’t know about you but, when traveling I’m not a fan of either trying to dry my toothbrush before packing into a case or throwing it into a baggy for the trip back home.  The DISPOSABLE TRAVEL TOOTHBRUSH eliminates the need for wondering what the most sanitary way to get your toothbrush back home.